A fund has been established to help Dodge City resident Roy Stevens and his family with medical expenses following an accident that left Stevens badly injured days before Christmas.
    On Friday, Dec. 19, Stevens was struck by a semi-truck and drug 80 feet. Stevens, a truck driver for the Liberal-based company Air Products, was stopped in Liberal when the accident occurred. At the rest area, a truck was backing out of a space and the driver of the vehicle did not see Stevens, whose back was turned.
    Following the accident, Stevens was taken to a hospital in Liberal before being airlifted to Amarillo, Texas for further treatment. Several days ago, he was transferred to the University Medical Center Health System burn unit located in Lubbock, Texas, where he remains on a ventilator in the intensive care unit.
    The accident left Stevens severely injured. His left leg has been amputated, and he has undergone several surgeries to remove gravel embedded in his skin. Skin graphs have also been performed because the skin from his right leg was removed during the accident.    
    Roy's son, daughter-in-law, and wife Velma remain by his side in Texas.
    Sue Creie, a close friend of Stevens, said being so far away from home also adds to the family's expenses.
    Creie said she wanted to find a way to help with financies because Roy and his family are very caring, good people who are always willing to help others.
    "Roy would give his shirt off his back for anybody and now its time for him to be repaid," Creie said. "Anything you could give would certainly be appreciated," Creie said. "It's a hard time for them."
    To make a contribution to the Roy Stevens Fund, contact Sandy Larman at (620) 430-6210.
    Reach Cherise Forno at (620) 408-9931 or e-mail her at cherise.forno@dodgeglobe.com.