Bowlers don't get cheerleaders.

   Bowlers don't get cheerleaders.
    Then again, Jordan Ontiberos isn't a typical bowler.
    As Jordan prepared to bowl during his birthday party last month, a little boy stood next to him, chanting, "Come on, Jordan, you can do it. Put a little power to it."
    Jordan released the ball. It sped to the end of the lane, knocking over all 10 pins. Strike No. 2 for the day.
    Amid cheers and applause, Jordan skipped back to his friends for a series of high fives.
    To outsiders, the scene looked like any of a dozen birthday parties taking place at Spare Tyme Bowl. But for Jordan's friends and family, the afternoon was more than just a 16th-birthday celebration.
    It was another milestone in Jordan's struggle to build a normal life after a freak injury nearly killed him in February 2000.
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