have spoken with several visitors to the Fort in the last few months.

     I have spoken with several visitors to the Fort in the last few months. I am always happy to see visitors with their cameras out taking pictures and walking around the Fort. One point of discussion has often been the condition of our roads being in need of repair. Additionally, I hold a monthly meeting with our cottage/home/dormitory residents where we discuss anything they would like me to know or to do for them. During my first meeting in June, the main point of discussion between our veterans and I were the condition of our roads. The message to me was pretty clear—we need our roads, houses and buildings fixed!
     I told our veterans that I would do anything I could to fix the roads and the houses in need of repairs. I also told them that unfortunately, I did not know anything about construction projects or how to build roads. However, I made a promise to them that I would learn to do anything I needed to do to make sure that our roads, houses and buildings were repaired.
     I am happy to report that the road crews arrived on Monday to begin the road repairs. On Thursday, I took a walk with the chief engineer, Donna Griffin who drove from Lawrence to inspect our progress. She is part of a team of state employees who have made a tremendous contribution to getting our roads, houses and buildings fixed. Two of three of the companies that are fixing the roofs also arrived on Monday. We expect the third company making repairs to the roofs to arrive next Monday.
     The capital improvements are not just superficial. It seems like every veteran that I see around the Fort is filled with joy and pride in knowing that we are making our Fort look better. It is this kind of joy that comes from our veterans that gives us the energy to work harder.
     As a personal note, none of my military or civilian training prepared to do capital improvement projects; however, I had the help of so many people who took the time to teach me what I needed to know to get these projects started. All of these projects have truly been a team effort. So, if you happen to visit us in the near future, please be careful as you drive or walk around the Fort. We expect all repairs to be done right before Thanksgiving.