It has been a busy several months since the legislative session finished this past May.

It has been a busy several months since the legislative session finished this past May. State legislators serve in the State Capitol, during the week while in session, from January through May, but the rest of the year (June through December) is spent entirely in the district. During this time, I’ve enjoyed being able to spend even more time hearing from the people of the 38th Senate District on the issues important to them. If you have any meetings or events you would like me to attend or groups that you would like me to speak to, let me know.
The main challenge facing us in the 2012 legislative session will be working to get our economy going again. Another very important task before us will be redistricting. Every ten years, the Kansas legislature goes through this process. Redistricting is the process of adjusting districts for changes in population to draw new State Board of Education, State House, State Senate and Congressional districts. The overall trend that has been occurring for several decades is our population movement from rural to urban areas. This magnifies the importance of learning to work with individuals from all parts of our state.
As some of you have seen in the news as of late, Florida and Missouri have both recently passed bills requiring drug testing for welfare recipients. Many people have asked me if legislation like this could be brought forward in Kansas. I don't think taxpayers should be subsidizing drug addictions. More importantly, I have seen the ill effects of those on welfare (sometimes fathers, husbands, mothers & wives), who use the welfare money for drugs, and also how that negatively impacts their families. While some feel we are being passionate, some of our welfare policies are really promoting a culture of poverty. It is encouraging generation after generation to live in poverty like their parents. That's not the America I know.  I don't think it is right. I have been researching more into this issue, and hope to be bringing something forward this spring. Let me know your thoughts.
Last, but not least, Caley and I are now married! We were married on July 15th, so it has now been three great months! Out of all the things that have happened in the past year, this is by far my favorite change. A big thank you to everyone for welcoming her to SW Kansas.
As always, contact me with any thoughts, concerns, questions or ideas you may have. There is a lot of work ahead. Thanks and have a good week!

Garrett Love
State Senator, 38th District