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  • Great Quack Attack is back!

  •      Z98's Great Quack Attack is back bigger and better than ever this year.

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  • Z98's Great Quack Attack is back bigger and better than ever this year.
    "We'll probably have about 4,000 ducks in the race, and the fire department is building us the biggest river ever," said Shelly Holle a committee member for the Great Quack Attack.
    The new river will run down First Avenue north of Spruce and will run to just south of Gunsmoke, a total of 400 feet. The river will start out wide enough for all the ducks to fit, and then towards the end taper off and get more narrow so that only one duck will be able to cross the finish line at a time, according to Holle.
    "The fire department will also be using their hoses to make sure that the ducks move along at a good pace," said Holle.
    The Great Quack Attack will consist of four heats and a final race to determine the ultimate winner.
    In each of the first four races the first 100 to 125 ducks to cross the finish line will be entered into the final race, the number selected will be determined by how many ducks have been sold. The owner of the winner from each of these races will receive $100, if they are present. In the final race the first 10 ducks to finish will be prize winners. First place will win $3,500 or double that amount if they are present.
    All the prize money was donated to the event through sponsors and organizations.
    After each race four "hard luck" ducks that did not make it through to the final race will be selected and the owner of that duck will win $100 each, if present.
    Purchasing ducks
    The Alley and Big Brothers Big Sisters are selling ducks from now until an hour before the event. Ducks can be purchased individually for $10 each, or in a "six quack" for $50, saving $10.
    All the money that The Alley and Big Brothers Big Sisters raise from selling ducks will be theirs to keep.
    The Alley is planning to use their funds to run their organization and to improve their after school program.
    "We have about 50 to 70 kids that take advantage of our after school program," said Melissa Province, the director of the Alley. "They come in to get free tutoring, or just play some basketball or hang out with their friends in a safe place."
    Big Brothers Big Sisters also plans to use their funds to operate their program and to find more mentors for the program.
    "We are probably going to spend the money on interviewing potential mentors, and performing background checks on them and making sure that we can provide as many safe, positive matches in the community as possible," said Jennifer Fisher, executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters.
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