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  • Head, heart, hands and health -Wilroads Gardens 4-H

  •      Wilroads Gardens 4-H club was first chartered in 1936, then again in 1955 and one more time in 1965.

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  •      Wilroads Gardens 4-H club was first chartered in 1936, then again in 1955 and one more time in 1965.
         "We kept getting re-chartered because the club would lose members and not be active for a few years, and then gain members back again," said Janell Robertson, a community leader for the club.
         Right now there are about 11 members of the club, which is smaller than it has been in the past.
         "We are always open to new members," said Joyce Davis another community leader for the club. "And we encourage anyone who might be interested in joining to come see what we are all about."
         Davis has been involved with 4-H for most of her life. She was a member of a club in Hodgeman County for 10 years, then was a community leader for 13 years when her own children got involved, and now she is active in the club again with her grandchildren.
         "I wish more kids today were involved," said Davis, "but it's hard because there are so many more options available now."
         Davis said that what she liked best about 4-H when she was a member was the social aspect, and what it would teach her. But her favorite thing now is the fair.
         "It's so fun to go out to the fair and see what everyone has been working on, and what prizes were given in each category," said Davis.
         The Wilroads Gardens 4-H club is no stranger to winning at fairs. One of their most popular projects is photography and several members have photos included in a State traveling exhibit that moves from the Governors mansion, and the state and the house buildings.
         Wilroads Gardens is also getting ready for their club show, which will take place on July 7. This is an opportunity for the club to show off their exhibits that they have been working on for the fair.
         "Right now it's our crunch time," said Robertson. "Everyone is getting their projects ready for the fair. It's like finals week in college."
         Robertson was also in 4-H when she was a kid, then when she had her own children she wanted to come full circle and share what 4-H had given her with the next generation.
         "You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't get rid of the green," said Robertson.
    Wilroads Gardens meets on the second Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Wilroads Gardens Elementary School. For more information about the club contact Davis at (620) 227-2038 or Robertson at (620) 338-7414.
    Reach Julia Kazar at (620) 408-9913 or e-mail her at julia.kazar@dodgeglobe.com