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  • Credit Union rules as the new "Wacky Trike" champions

  •      Wright Park was filled with people Thursday, enjoying hot dogs, chips and a drink for just a dollar.

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  • Wright Park was filled with people Thursday, enjoying hot dogs, chips and a drink for just a dollar. Children jumped and bounced in the moonwalk, and dunked members of Ladies Community Outreach in the dunk tank.
    "I signed up to be in the dunk tank because I thought it was going to be hot," said Anna Muehlbery, who was volunteering for the first time this year. "And I'm really glad I did! It's so much fun, I can't wait to get dunked again!"
    But the big draw of the day was the annual wacky trike race where teams of four race on oversized tricycles to see who has the fastest legs, the most strength and the best luck.
    Before the races began there was quite a bit of excitement in the crowed, wondering if Stewart Plumbing would take the title for the fourth year in a row. But other teams were confident they were going down.
    'We're going for the gold!" said Cyndy George, a member of one of the casino's four teams this year. "There's no doubt in my mind that we'll beat them."
    Stewart Plumbing, on the other hand, was sure that they were going to remain the champions. However, with only one member left from their original winning team, they had their work cut out for them.
    "We have a good team again this year," said Clinton Krueger, the only original member left. "And we have good teamwork, and that's how we're going to win. Or at least try."
    Once the races started it was clear that the Ray Omo and Credit Union, teams were there to win. The Miss Kansas Rodeo girls were so busy signing autographs, they didn't have time to prepare to beat their competitors. Stewart Plumbing wasn't quite as strong as in the past, loosing in the first round.
    As the races continued the competition grew more and more intense, until finally it was just the Credit Union and Ray Omo in the finals. History was in the making, in just a few minutes a new champion would be crowned, and it weighed heavily on all competitors.
    The final race began! It was neck and neck during the first round, with both riders handling the turns with ease and ended their portion of the relay in a tie. In the second leg, the Ray Omo team member started to unravel and finished several seconds behind the Credit Union speed demon. In the third leg, Ray Omo managed to catch up, however, which left the deciding lap to the last two riders. Both pedaled as hard as they could and took both turns with ease. The race was neck and neck until the final seconds when the Credit Union pulled ahead and became the new champions.
    Page 2 of 2 - High-fives, hugs and applause were exchanged and the winners were awarded their trophy, and of course they now have the bragging rights.
    When asked what their strategy was for winning, the Credit Union team replied that it was simply having a good anchor, good legs and tight turns. Maybe it was the legs and the turns, or maybe it was just beginner's luck, all members of the team were racing for the first time.
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