Dodge City Community College students spent the past week learning about sexual assault crimes and what to do if they become a victim of one.

Dodge City Community College students spent the past week learning about sexual assault crimes and what to do if they become a victim of one.
Presentations, guest speakers and other events were all part of the week. It was all part of "Stop the Violence Against Women Awareness Week," a program put together by the Director of Police and Public Safety for the college, John Bembry.
"This is the first year we have had this program on campus," Bembry said, "but I think turnout has been pretty good, and I hope this is something that becomes an annual event."
Monday kicked off the week-long activities with students handing out informational flyers about sexual assault, as well as bookmarks and t-shirts.
"Basically we were just trying to educate the students and give them some good information and resources," Bembry said.
Tuesday, students faculty and staff gathered for a photo session in front of the Student Union for "Walk A Mile in Her Shoes'.
"This is something that is done all around the country," Bembry said. "Men put on women's high heals and walk a mile in them. It's all to raise awareness for violence against women."
The Conqs didn't actually walk a mile in the shoes this year though, they just took some photos that will be sent to the national "Walk a Mile' organization, and hopefully they will be included in the actual walk next year.
On Wednesday the DC3 cosmetology department treated students to free Paraffin dips and a team trivia pursuit challenge was held.
"All the questions in the trivia game were about important women in American history," Bembry said.
Thursday all DC3 students were invited to come to the Little Theater to listen to Federal Judges Karen Arnold-Burger and Henry Green.
"It's rare that our students have an opportunity to interact with Federal Judges," Bembry said, "so it was really exciting to have them both on campus."
John Thompson, RN at Western Plains Medical Complex and Christina MacFarlane of Dodge City Area Mental Health talked with students later in the day about sexual assault prevention, medical information after an assault has taken place and campus stalking.
"Both presenters talked about things you normally wouldn't think about being related to sexual assault," Bembry said, "such as mental health after an assault."
To wrap up the week on Friday a handgun safety and self defense class was held. The class was only open to females. Women were taught to shoot with  simulated ammunition from a hand gun during a reality based exercise.
"Overall I'm very please with the response we've gotten from this week," said Bembry, "we have a pretty small campus but most events had a great turnout. The Little Theater was packed for our presentations on Thursday. I think that says a lot about the students and staff here, it shows they really care about this cause and want to help prevent more of these types of crimes from happening."