The students at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Dodge City are now part of something big.

The students at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Dodge City are now part of something big. During the course of the day Thursday, the students joined sport stackers from all over in world to take part in what Guinness World Records called the “World's Largest Sport Stacking Event.”

At exactly 2:59 p.m. Friday, Nov. 16th, last year's record of 412, 259 stackers was broken. The exact name of the record is the “Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day.” Verifications continue to come in from around the world to the sport stack website, so the final count won't be determined for a number of days, but now it's assured to be a new world record. The goal for this year is to have 450,000 verified stackers participate. Sacred Heart had 212 verified participants.

According to a release from the world sport stacking association, sport stacking is an exciting activity where students up stack and down stack 12 specially designed cups called Speed Stacks in predetermined sequences as fast as they can.

Missi Haskell, the PE teacher at Sacred Heart organized the event for her students. Kids from each grade had their choice of stacking activities to participate in to break the record. Haskell said the set up was a little different from most PE classes where the stations are time and groups rotate from activity to activity. She set up stations around the gym and children were given free reign to up stack and down stack to their hearts delight. One stipulation of the competition, though, was that each stacker had to compete for 30 minutes. But most of the students would've stacked for hours if they had the chance.

Stations included a race against the clock, relay races and the building of pyramids taller than any of the determined kindergarteners could reach. And in addition to the fun provided by the cups, the activities promote hand-eye coordination, improved reaction time, concentration and focus.

To take part in the record-setting competition, schools and organizations across the world were required to register 25 or more stackers with the World Sport Stacking Association. Once a group completed the required time, the organizer had to send in an online verification with the number of participants. The verification will later be passed on to Guinness for official recognition.

And while most of the children at Sacred Heart were too busy up stacking and down stacking to comment on their claim to fame, it was clear the activity is one they won't soon forget.