Dodge City High School students will present the annual floor show at 7 p.m. Dec. 7 in the school's auditorium.

Dodge City High School students will present the annual floor show at 7 p.m. Dec. 7 in the school's auditorium.
Organized by the student council, the show will feature 19 acts ranging from vocal solos and duets to a martial arts demonstration.
"This will be the first time we've had martial arts on the program," said floor show sponsor Jim Mapel, an American history teacher at DCHS.
Mapel served as student council sponsor for several years. When he stepped down, he was invited to continue his role as floor show director.
Mapel, along with two staff assistants — Annie Martinez, a science teacher and Kelly Knedler, choral teacher — emphasizes that the show is completely student driven.
"They organize everything from auditions to the script for the emcees," he said.

Let's put on a show
Alice Pyle, Cale Morrow and Parker Davis will serve as emcees for this year's show.
The show normally features two emcees, but Pyle and Morrow decided they needed a third partner.
"So we dragged Parker into it," Morrow said.
The trio is working on a script for this year's show that will tie everything together and tell a story of its own.
"We're trying to make it more of a progression," Morrow said.
The script will revolve around the show's theme — "On the Air" — and the action is set in the year 2192, when floor show is the biggest money maker in the world and it's shown on HBO.
"Can you tell we liked 'Hunger Games'?" Morrow said.
Each segment of emcee dialogue will advance the story as well as introducing the next act.

On the program
Four performance groups at DCHS have automatic placement on the program each year: Class Act, the jazz band, the orchestra and the drill team.
All the other acts have to audition.
"We had 36 acts audition this year," Mapel said.
The list for the show includes five vocal solos: Isaac Pena, Kimberly Rodriguez, Alice Pyle, Cale Morrow and Emil Kavhed.
Kavhed, an exchange student from Sweden, will sing an original composition entitled "Jealousy." He will accompany himself on the piano.
"I was inspired by the film 'Moulin Rouge,'" Kavhed said.
Kavhed began attending a music school in Stockholm last year where he studied composition. He will complete two more years at the school when he returns to Sweden.
"I've been singing and playing guitar since I was 5," he said.
Three vocal duets are on the program: Emily Denton and Michaela Hastings, Evan Bonner and Emma Miller and Becca Bartel and Junior Soto.
The songs will cover the range from vintage off-Broadway ("Schroeder" from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown,") to a song from last year's Tony-Award winning musical — "Once."
Four dance teams will perform: the drill team, the Heritage Panel dance team, a group called "4 Girls," and the cheerleaders.
Rounding out the program are four instrumental groups: Adam Dark and Brian Kessen playing a drum duet, a jazz combo featuring Matt Pfughoeft, Layne Moe and Adam Dark, the DCHS orchestra playing a selection from "Titanic," and the jazz band.
Class Act will sing "What I Did for Love," from the musical, "A Chorus Line," and the drama club will present a skit called "An Administrator Meeting at DCHS."
"That skit is going to be hysterical," Mapel said.
By the end of the evening, over 200 students will have appeared on stage or helped with technical elements.
Proceeds from the show help the student council fund meetings like the regional leadership conference.
"We've also started a Big Brothers/Big Sisters program at the high school, working with the elementary schools," Pyle said.
The new program has already signed up 20 high school students.
In addition, the student council purchases equipment for the school when a need arises.
"The show is going to be different this year," Pyle said.
One element has always made floor show stand out from other school presentations: "The thing I like best about floor show is that all different groups get a chance to participate, not just the groups in the music department. You see a lot of students with talent you never knew they had. Every kid in school gets the chance to be creative," Pyle said.

What: 2012 Floor Show — "On the Air"
When: 7 p.m. Dec. 7
Where: DCHS auditorium
Tickets: $5 (free to DCHS students not performing in the show)
All seats are reserved and tickets can be purchased beginning Monday, Dec. 3 in the DCHS athletic office between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.