Earlier this week we asked our Facebook fans to answer the following question; "Will you be doing your holiday shopping locally or traveling to Garden City or Wichita? And what stores do you think you'll spend the most at?" Here are the responses we've received.
Nick T. Harms: "Online shopping beats all."
Larry Reimer: "I recently visited Dodge City and found the shop owners very inhospitable, most non-English speaking and there were very few places to buy products from that are main stream brands (clothing)- very disappointing all in all."
Rebeca Chavez: "Well, I think this year I'm going to do both online and store shopping and I'm going to be smart. My budget is $500 and when it's gone then I'm done. Everything is too expensive. Walmart is about the cheapest place to shop anymore and traveling is out because gas is too expensive!"
Lewis D. Mize: "I try to shop local or online."
Adriana Figueroa: "I would like it if we had more shops here like in Garden or Wichita, but we do not have many options."
Patty Ahern: "Because my family and friends are all over the USA and Europe, I shop quite a bit online so I can ship it directly to them. I try and shop local when I can! (And that doesn't mean at Walmart... that's not 'local')"
Christel Milo: "It's sad you have to ask that question. Dodge City should have the same stores as Garden City."