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Fox News Benches Karl Rove and Dick Morris
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By TV Guide
Dec. 4, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Karl Rove on Fox News | Photo Credits: Fox News
Karl Rove may not be appearing on Fox News anytime soon.
Rove and Dick Morris, two pro-Mitt Romney political pundits who were part of Fox News' anti-Obama campaign, have reportedly been benched from appearing on Fox News' programming, according to New York Magazine.
VIDEO: Karl Rove questions Fox News' decision to call election for Obama
Fox News chief Roger Ailes has allegedly put in place a new rule mandating that producers have to get permission from higher-ups before booking either of the outspoken pundits.
Rove's election night outburst probably didn't help his case. After multiple networks, including Fox News, called the all-important swing state of Ohio and thus the election for President Obama, Rove tried to argue that the outcome was still up in the air using math to support his point. Insisting that the projection was premature, the former advisor to George W. Bush spouted off numbers about rural areas whose votes hadn't yet been tallied, prompting co-anchor Megyn Kelly to ask: "Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?" Rove was so relentless that Kelly awkwardly walked off set to ask the number-crunchers to back up their conclusion to Rove, who still wasn't satisfied afterward. For the record, Obama would've won even without Ohio.
Do you think Fox News should continue using Rove and Morris as pundits? Or should the network distance itself from them?
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