Heritage Trust Funds will help repair windows, door and soffits at the historic building.

The Kansas State Historic Site Board approved a Heritage Trust Fund grant to the Santa Fe Depot during their Feb. 9 meeting.
The grant, which amounts to $90,000, will be used to repair windows, doors and soffits on the south and west sides of the building.
The Heritage Trust Fund grant review committee received 45 applications totaling nearly $3 million in requests for projects. They recommended 18 projects for funding totaling $1,136,546.
The Heritage Trust Fund program provides matching funds for the preservation of properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places or the Register of Historic Kansas Places.
The goal of the program is to support the preservation or restoration of historic properties. The grants provide up to $90,000 to projects. In the Depot's case, the $90,000 from Heritage Trust Fund will be matched with $70,000 from the Tourism Task Force to complete the project. In addition, state tax credits already awarded to the project will be utilized.
The city of Dodge City, owner of the depot, applied for the Heritage Tax Credit funds in cooperation with the Tourism Task Force and the Depot Theater Company.
Melissa McCoy, project development coordinator for the city, worked with Kent Stehlik, grant consultant and member of the Tourism Task Force to complete the application.
The project will include work on the windows, doors and soffits of the depot.
Loose paint will be removed. Surfaces will be cleaned. Wood will be patched or repaired, in some cases using a newly-developed epoxy. The openings will be checked for moisture infiltration, then the windows will be primed and two top coats of oil-based paint will complete the work.
The windows will also be fitted with ventilated storm windows.
"In order to qualify for Heritage Trust Funds, all work must be completed in compliance with the Secretary of the Interior's guidelines for historic preservation," McCoy said in a phone interview Monday.
Once the work is complete, a plan will be put in place to ensure the continued on-going maintenance of the building's exterior.
"The property will be inspected by city maintenance staff every three months," McCoy said.
"And the contractors we're using to do the brick and mortar work will return to inspect the condition of the building and make recommendations for its preservation. We will have a similar arrangement with the contractor who does the window work," she said.
Southwest Kansas had its share of successful applicants in this year's round. In addition to the $90,000 for the Depot, Hodgeman County received $90,000 for the Hodgeman County Courthouse and Meade County received $82,184 for the Fowler pool and bathhouse.
At the same meeting, the board approved four Ford County properties for listing on the National Register of Historic Places and the Register of Historic Kansas Places: Boot Hill Museum, the old City Hall, the cowboy statue and the Ford County portion of the Santa Fe trail ruts.
Look for more information on the effects of that decision in upcoming editions of the Daily Globe.

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