Police scanner traffic indicates one person suffered a fatal gunshot wound.

One man has suffered a deadly gun shot wound Monday evening, March 4 in rural Sumner County. Law enforcement crews arrived at the scene in the 800 block of East 140th Street South, a few miles northeast of South Haven, and pronounced a man dead with a shotgun wound to the chest.

Authorities say the man that was killed, Joseph L. Lamasters, 42, of Creston, Iowa was a suspect the Kansas Highway Patrol had been in pursuit of since earlier in the afternoon.

"The Kansas Highway Patrol identified a lane runner, they went looking for him and found the vehicle abandon," said Sumner County Sheriff, Darren Chambers. "They apparently got an I.D. out of the vehicle...it came back with some warrants, he was possibly armed and dangerous." The KHP and the Sheriff's Department searched the area for three to four hours through the air on the ground but couldn't find the suspect who came here from Iowa, wanted on drug warrants.

"Basically what happened was, a farmer came across the guy, gave chase with him, thought he was going to break into a house that belongs to one of his relatives...so he made sure the house was secure and when he was checking the out buildings, he came across the guy, the guy attacked him...so he shot and killed him," Chambers said. The sheriff's department did not charge the farmer with any wrong doing. The County attorney reviewed the case, and will not pursue any charges either.

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