When the City Commission met Monday evening there were several visitors on hand to talk about a rezoning item on the agenda.

When the City Commission met Monday evening there were several visitors on hand to talk about a rezoning item on the agenda.
At the last meeting, held Feb. 18, there was an ordinance to rezone 511 Sunflower, a property just east of 2nd Ave. and on the south side of town. Visitors spoke both for and against the rezoning. The owner of the property wants the area rezoned from a residential to a commercial highway so that delivery trucks for his business can access the road. Residents were concerned about the noise and the added traffic to the area.
Commissioners voted three to one, Brian Delzeit opposed and Jim Sherer was not present and the ordinance passed.
However, later it was realized that a petition was filed a few weeks ago against the rezoning with the required amount of signatures. When a petition is filed, a supermajority vote is required for something to pass. A supermajority is three fourths of commissioners total, meaning that four votes were needed. Ken Strobel, the city manager, is looking into the issue and will determine soon if more action needs to be taken. As of press time there was no decision made.
In other business the commission;
• Heard a presentation from Laura Stein, animal control officer. Stein presented the commission with two options to revise the current pit bull ban, which local residents have been asking to have changed. The first option is a dangerous animal ordinance and the second is a revision of the current ban. Commissioners asked for more information before a formal decision could be made.
• Approved ordinance 3554, which added an additional article to chapter V of the Dodge City Code relating to scrap metal dealers. This is a regulation that was passed in the state legislature last year in response to copper pipe thefts. The ordinance just requires stricter regulations for scrap metal dealers to prevent future thefts.
• Approved a bid for $427,172 with Pierce Manufacturing Inc. for a new fire truck.

The county commission also met Monday evening. During the meeting commissioners;
• Discussed an illegal dump site at 2400 Military Ave. The KDHE will assist in the removal of the debris.
• Approved a resolution for a standard mutual aid agreement. This agreement states that in the event of a disaster in Southwest Kansas other surrounding areas may provide assistance.
• Discussed a request from Offerle CO-OP for tax exemption. No action was taken, as the commissioners asked for more information.
• Approved an agreement with Securus Master Service for a phone system for inmates at the county jail to talk with their families. This is the system currently in place, but some upgrades and improvements have been made to the system, and the agreement was renewed.

Both city and county commissions will meet on March 18th for their next scheduled meetings.

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