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  • "Praying for a sold sign"

  • Donations and volunteers have continued to pour in to help a group of Jetmore residents working on a project they have coined "Extreme makeover: Schutte Editon."
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  • Donations and volunteers have continued to pour in to help a group of Jetmore residents working on a project they have coined "Extreme makeover: Schutte Editon." And after six weeks of renovations and updates, an open house was held last weekend at the former Schutte residence. The Schutte family moved from Jetmore to Halstead in August. The family's second youngest child, Dyron, was killed in a car accident Jan. 3. Denise Schroeder organized the workforce. "To think of what has happened, and who has been part of this project, in the last six weeks is beyond amazing. I am confident that God was the designer of this project," Schroeder said. In the beginning stages of Extreme Makeover: Schutte Edition, a small group of people hoped to ease the financial burden of the Schutte family by helpng to sell the house. The team aimed to finish the renovations in two to three weeks and spend about $1,500. But after word of the project began to spread, Extreme Makeover: Schutte Edition hit the ground running. Schroeder estimated donation from businesses totaled $10,530. Private financial donations added up to $1, 515. And donations of products, supplies and labor for the project had an estimated donation value of $8,886, according to Schroeder. "I would like to thank everyone for being part of this story — whether following the newspaper stories, watching in on Facebook, praying, sharing the story with others, donating, working," she said. "It was full of faith and my appreciation is beyond words. Thank you isn't enough!" For Schroeder, the "hard part" of Extreme Makeover: Schutte Edition is over. "Now we are praying for a sold sign," she said. Although no offers have officially been made on the house, Schroeder said she has leads on four potential buyers. Deana Schlereth of Coldwell Banker is donating her role as realtor to help sell the Schutte house. Diana Schutte, the mother of the Schutte family, said her family has enjoyed keeping up with the project, even though they are still healing from their loss. "The last two months have been unbearable for our family," Schutte said in an e-mail. "Finding out about all the updates and hearing of all the wonderful businesses and kind people who are donating so much has given us a refreshing outlook on life." And while the updates and donations have been highlights in a dark time for the family, the idea of selling their old home is still difficult to face. "I'm a little nervous about selling the house. I am afraid it will be a fresh new wound and another bout of mourning will take place," Schutte said. "It was the house we brought Dyron home from the hospital in, the house he giggled for the first time, the house he took his first step. It will be heart-wrenching, yet we need it to sell to be able to move forward: financially and emotionally." And moving forward is something the Schutte family, and the proponents of Extreme Makeover: Schutte Edition will without a doubt help each other to do. Follow Abigail on Twitter, @Abigail_dcglobe.
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