After-school program available at all eight elementary schools

The Dodge City YMCA is taking enrollment for its after-school childcare programs.
"Thanks to a recent 21st Century Learning grant from the Department of Education, we've expanded our locations to include all eight elementary schools in Dodge City," said Jackie Regan, associate director of programs with the YMCA.
Students are able to attend an after-school program at their own school. The sessions last for two hours after school. They offer a safe, productive environment, a place to do homework with tutors available, enrichment activities and snacks.
Cost for the program is $5 per week.
"We're able to provide this service at such a low cost thanks to the Department of Education funding," Regan said.
Teachers and paraprofessionals from each school are contracted as lead staff and tutors for the program.
There is no limit to the number of students who can enroll in each school's program.
"We will not turn kids away. We'll hire more staff if needed," Regan said.
The program at Linn School will be the final new school to go online with the after-school programs. Linn will begin sessions next Monday.
Construction is currently underway at the YMCA facility in the former Sheridan Center and an after-school site will open there sometime this summer.
"We've gutted the old sports offices and locker rooms on the second floor and are installing a new child care facility there," Regan said.
Once all the sites are fully operational students will have an option to take a bus to the Sheridan site for swimming once a week after school.
"We hope these new programs are a great benefit to the community," Regan said.
The YMCA, which took over operations at Sheridan Jan. 1 of this year, continues to introduce new programs and features.
"We're off to a great start in Dodge City," Regan said.
"The transition has gone smoothly and people are having a lot of fun at the facility. It's exciting," she said.
Once the child care expansion is completed, plans call for an expansion of the fitness center.
For more information about the after-school childcare programs or to register, call Family Director Tarica Lare at 620-225-8157.