The Fox on the Fairway, a farce by Ken Ludwig, will be at the Depot Theater for a three week run beginning this Friday.

The Fox on the Fairway, a farce by Ken Ludwig, will be at the Depot Theater for a three week run beginning this Friday.
"It's a fun fast-paced show that I think people will really enjoy," the show's director Kent Ross said. "There's a lot of what you’d expect from a farce in the show. Action, humor and confusion."
The play is set at the Quail Valley Country Club where the annual golf tournament against competing club Crouching Squirrel Country Club is about to begin.
The directors of the two clubs, always at odds with each other, have a wager on who will win the tournament.
Henry Bingham, the director of the Quail Valley Country Club, played by Kyle Hager, has recently found out that the ringer he brought in to play for him has recently switched sides and is now playing for Dickie Bell (Lee Griffith) the president of Crouching Squirrel. Fortunately, Bingham discovers that his new employee Justin, Johnny Dunlap II, is quite a talented golfer as well.
Everything seems to be working out all right, that is until Justin's girlfriend, Louise (Alicia Thompson) loses her engagement ring, causing Justin to play badly.
Bingham is desperate to win the golf tournament, but things get even more complicated when his wife, Muriel, played by Eve Waymon, shows up, as does Dickie's ex-wife Pamela (Cynthia Thomson) who's antique shop has also been included in the bet this year, unbeknownst to her.
"It's funny, it's reckless, it's a little naughty in some places," Ross said. "It's everything you'd expect from a pay about golf- including the horrendous golf outfits."
Ross has directed two plays previous to The Fox on the Fairway, most recently, Harvey, which the Depot performed last season. But, he's been with the company since it began.
"The entire cast has been in comedies and farces before, so they know what they're doing," Ross said. "And they all have great facial expressions that really help to tell the story."
Of course no matter how great the actors are, no play can be performed without the help of people backstage, for whom Ross is extremely grateful.
Dave Wetmore is the set designer. Jennifer Vierthaler is in charge of lighting, and Kyle Tallent is in charge of sound.
"They're all great," Ross said. "I don't even have to ask them to do something, it's already done. It's a joy working with all of them."
Ross went on to say that directing this play has been a fun experience for everyone involved.
"We have so much fun in rehearsals," Ross said, "and I think when the cast has fun with a play that translates to the audience and they have fun watching the play. I think people are really going to enjoy this show."

On the menu
Kim Smith, the food and beverage manager for the Depot, created a country club themed menu for the evening which includes strawberry spinach salad, sweet rolls, old thyme cob smoked ham, mixed mini potatoes, Key Largo vegetables and lemon mascarpone cake.

If you go
What: "The Fox on the Fairway" by Ken Ludwig, presented by the Depot Theater Company
When: Opens Friday, April 12 for a three-week run
Where: The Depot Theater Company
Tickets: $40 for dinner and the show
Reservations: (620) 225-1001