It was family night in the second round of the TORC two-day racing event at Dodge City Raceway Park as the name Greaves was plastered all over the leaderboard.
Father Johnny Greaves closed out the night by winning the PRO4x4 20-lap event by two seconds, while 17-year-old son C.J. won the PROLight division and finished third in the PRO2Wheel race.
It was only the second time that father and son won at the same event.
"There will be a lot more, however," Johnny Greaves said. "I was kind of following in my kid's footsteps after his win. It was great to get this win."
Both Greaves' said there weren't that many places on the track to make passes. The main areas were in turns one and two and in the infield.
The younger Greaves was able to make that move early and dominate the field for his first win of the season in the series.
"Usually, we just had to sit back and bide our time," C.J. Greaves said. "Once I could see an opening, I just tried to get by as quickly as possible because I knew I didn't have a lot of time to make it."
Front row sitter Shawn Morris maintained second in the feature, while Doug Mittag (Friday night's winner) was third.
The elder Greaves also was able to get the lead early from the third starting position and pull away in the PRO4x4 division.
"This is a new track, but by the time we get on it, the track is already rough from all the racing already taking place," Greaves said. "It's important to get ahead of the competition as quickly as possible and that is why we were successful (Saturday night)."
Scott Douglas overcame being knocked upside down to finish second and Rob MacCachren finished third one night after his truck caught on fire during Friday's feature.
MacCrachren did have some success by outdueling 2012 series champion and Friday night event champion Bryce Menzies. MacCachren was able to keep ahead of a hard-charging Menzies to pick up the win in the event.