Three healthy substitutes to replace high-cholesterol foods.

Q: How can I replace high-cholesterol foods in my diet? A: You can replace cholesterol culprits from your diet to see your cholesterol levels improve. Try the following substitutes: The culprit: Butter Sub in: Banana purée Banana purée can step in for butter during baking. Butter packs 30mg of cholesterol per teaspoon. Banana purée has 0mg of cholesterol. The culprit: Ice cream Sub in: Frozen Greek yogurt One-half cup serving of ice cream weighs in at 90mg of cholesterol. Try frozen 2% Greek yogurt instead. You’ll still get the rich, creamy texture you’re craving and consume only 10mg of cholesterol. The culprit: Mayonnaise Sub in: Avocado slices Mayonnaise can find its way into many of your favorite foods. But at 5mg of cholesterol per tablespoon, you may want to consider a healthier alternative. Instead, try cholesterol-free avocado slices on your favorite sandwich. —Dr. Mehmet Oz, Cardiac surgeon at Columbia University/New York-Presbyterian Hospital and star of The Dr. Oz Show CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE COMPLETE ARCHIVES OF EXPERT ANSWERS FROM DR. OZ AND THE SHARECARE.COM TEAM. Brought to you by: Spry Living