Curtis Machine Company has been a part of Dodge City for nearly 70 years, and recently they moved to a new location.

Curtis Machine Company has been a part of Dodge City for nearly 70 years, and recently they moved to a new location.
"The building we were in previously was actually owned by National Beef," John Curtis, president of the company explained. "They wanted to use the building for their own purposes, and we had been wanting to expand, so it worked out well for everyone."
While the new location, 4209 Jayhawk Drive, right behind the FedEx building, isn't much bigger it gives the company a better layout and helps them work more efficiently.
"We've been working hard since December, moving things in and turning this into a working office," Curtis said. "All the employees were great during the transition and really worked hard to get everything done."
On Sunday the company held an open house for all employees to thank them for their services, and to show the families of employees the new building.
"We also wanted to take that opportunity to thank our long-term employees with over 25 years of experience," Curtis said. "It was a really nice event, especially because we had several of our retired employees back with us."
In all, 11 current employees were recognized with a total of 381 years with the company, and seven retirees were recognized with a total of 220 years.
"I think that really says something about our company," Curtis said.
There was also a special recognition for Stuart Curtis, who designed the product line for the company, still used today.
The open house was a fen event for employees and their families.
"A good time was had by all," Curtis said.

About Curtis Machine Company
Curtis Machine Company was started 67 years ago by Curtis' grandfather in a chicken coop that had been converted to a machine shop behind his house on Sunnyside. As the business grew it became clear they would need real offices. So, they moved to the location on Trail Street where the company was located for many years before moving to their new location.
"It's always been a family business," Curtis said. "And hopefully it will remain that way."
Today Curtis Machine Company employees about 60 people but still manufacture the gears, gear boxes and machine parts they did when they first began. Their materials are used in several different industries including agriculture, automotive, packaging and more.