With 'ART' opening this weekend, the Depot Theater is wrapping up their 2012-2013 season. Which means, it's time to look ahead to the 2013-2014 season.

With 'ART' opening this weekend, the Depot Theater is wrapping up their 2012-2013 season. Which means, it's time to look ahead to the 2013-2014 season.
"We just started auditions for our first show of the new season on Tuesday night," Connie Penick, manager of operations at the Depot. "The show will be 'Dora Hand' a musical by Mark Turnbull."
Penick went on to say that the show is being produced in cooperation with Boot Hill Museum and Carnegie Center for the Arts, and she hopes to have it become a stock production put on each year.
"It tells the true story of Dora Hand," Penick said, "who was a real-life resident of Dodge City back in the 1800's and later became the inspiration for Miss Kitty."
The show, which does take some creative liberties, tells the story of Hand's life and romantic relationship with Dodge City's Mayor, James "Dog" Kelley.  
Turnbull is in town this summer to direct the play himself, which will open July 12 and run for three weeks.
Also taking place this summer are the theaters two youth productions. The first of which, "The Velveteen Rabbit", will run July 12 and 13, and the second, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", will run August 9 and 10.
"Both shows are based off the famous books by the same name," Penick said.
The youth productions will be held in the Depot Theater.
Rounding out the summer shows will be the famous Depot cabaret, "Dodge City Days turn into Dodge City Nights".
"This is an annual show we do as part of Dodge City Days," Penick said. "It will run August 1 through 3 in the hotel lobby."
The show will feature short skits, comedy and of course lots of cabaret music.
At the end of August the Depot will host their first Final Friday event.
"We're joining the college, 2nd Ave. and Carnegie for Final Friday," Penick said.
On August 30, head down to the Depot between 7 and 9 p.m. to see some artwork from a local artist and enjoy some free snacks and drinks.
"We're working with Cocktails 365 for these events," Penick added.
When the madness of summer calms down, the Depot takes a short break from putting on any shows until October, when "A Party to Murder" by Marcia Kash and Douglas E. Hughes opens on the mainstage.
A perfect play for October, as it takes place on Halloween. According to stageplays.com Six people have come to a rustic island cottage to play a murder mystery game. Soon, ghosts from the past begin to haunt everyone and as guests begin to die one by one, the players realize this isn't just a game any more.
The Depot will play host to their own paranormal party every weekend in October with the Haunted Hotel.
"We're going to open up the west part of the hotel for a haunted house," Penick explained.
According to Penick, investigators have come several times to see if there is any paranormal activity in the building, and Penick said they have found some strange things there.
The December show will be "A Christmas Cactus" written by Eliot Byerrum.
According to stageplays.com, the play centers on private investigator Cactus O'Riley, who is trying to lure her secretary, Fred, from is overprotective mother, avoid affections from the Deputy D.A., and to top it all off two fugitives burst into her office Christmas Eve looking for justice.
Comedy, mystery and romance abound in this show.
January will feature the show "Run for your Wife," by Ray Cooney.
A comedy about a London cab driver, John Smith, with two wives, two lives and a very precise schedule for juggling them both.
Then, in April, the final mainstage production of the season will be "Monty Python's Spamalot", by Eric Idle.
As the title suggests, this is a musical comedy lovingly ripped off from the 1975 film, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", a parody of the legend of King Arthur.
The sidetrack production for June of 2014 will be "Red" by John Logan. A drama about a New York artist, Mark Rothko, who is painting a group of murals for the Four Seasons restaurant. His assistant, Ken, challenges him and Rothko faces the reality that his crowning achievement may also be his undoing, according to dramatists.com.
"We've really expanded our offerings to the community for the upcoming season," Penick said, "I want to encourage everyone to come out and enjoy all the fun and entertainment we have here at the Depot."

To see the shows
There are several different options to see the shows produced by the Depot throughout the season.
• Total season- $200. This will get you tickets to all four main stage shows, the sidetrack production and the summers show.
• Complete package- $160. This will get you tickets to the four main stage shows and the summer production.
• Basic package- $100. This will get you tickets to three main stage productions of your choice.
• Tickets may also be purchased for shows on an individual basis. Tickets for a main stage production are $40, a Sidetrack production are $25, the summer show is $20, and the youth productions are $8.
For more information about any of the shows or other events produced by the Depot, tickets or to make a tax deductible donation, call (620) 225-1001.