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#SDCC Day Two Round Up - Breaking News From Scream Factory
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July 19, 2013 12:01 a.m.

By Adam Ruhl<>
Scream Factory Marketing head Jeff Nelson announced at their
ComicCon panel that just hours before they had signed a deal to release Clive
Barkerís Nightbreed Ė The Cabal Cut on DVD and Bluray. No release date yet but
he revealed they would be giving the cut an extensive restoration to make the
presentation look its best.<>
They also revealed their fall and winter slate of Scream
Factory releases.<>
Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)<>
Eve of Destruction (1990)<>
Saturn 3 (1980)<>
Darkman (1990)<>
A new series of Horror TV movie releases called TV Terrors<>
Jan- <>
Cat People (1982)<>
Scream Factory has now been operating for just over a year.
The panel revealed how they got started looking for a new project. When they
contacted Universal about licensing some titles were told that Universal had
only done that with Criterion before. They managed to talk the studio into
licensing some horror films and when coupled with Terror Train the concept of a
Criterion-like line of special edition horror films just grew organically. Jeff
also noted that the Scream Factory banner helps draw attention to some of the
more obscure titles on the slate. <>
Also in attendance was actress Adrienne Barbeau, promoting
the Blu-Ray release of the original The Fog. She regaled the crowd with stories of her
career, such as how Donald Pleasance was the funniest actor she ever worked
with and how she had to be talked into accepting the role of Billie in
Creepshow. She will next be appearing in an upcoming episode of Sons of

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