Scripture:   2Kings (NIV) 17:7  All this took place because the Israelites had sinned against the LORD their God, who had brought them up out of Egypt from under the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt.  They worshipped other gods

8  and followed the practices of the nations the LORD had driven out before them…

Observation:   God does what He does "because" …   There is a reason for God’s actions.  He can move in regards to our faith or in regards to our sin.  And in all He does, He remains both holy and loving!

Application:  At the beginning of our relationship Jesus loved me and died for me before I ever knew Him.  I responded to His love by confessing my sins and receiving Him into my life as Lord.  I still find Him taking the initiative but now I often find that He responds to me.  God loves to reward me when I do His will.  He is kind enough to extend mercy when I repent and turn away from evil.  He is faithful to punish me when I continue to sin.  His primary goal is my salvation, but He also wants to see me mature and see things as He sees them.  He loves to reward me as a constructive member of His kingdom. 

Prayer:   Lord, there are reasons why you work in my life as you do.  May I give you good reason to reward me.   Amen 

Pastor Leon
Making friends for time and eternity!