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The Soul Sucking Sound of Crickets (Nebraska 17, Michigan 13)
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By Tiffany Gillespie
Tiffany Gillespie owner of Boutique 1631 in Augusta, Ks. boutique1631@yahoo.com
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Devin Gardner pressured
When the offense took the field with a chance to win the game late in the fourth quarter there was a stunning sound from the crowd: nothing.  Crickets.  Nervous mumbling at best.  This muffled din was delivered by the crowd that unleashed the loudest Bronx Cheer ever recorded after the teamís initial first down, and the same crowd that screamed like schoolgirls when a blindside Husker defender was closing in on 98 during the third quarter touchdown drive.
Say what you want about the Michigan Stadium crowd, but when thereís good reason to get loud they do.  Except Saturday.   Perhaps it was concern for President Mary Sue Colemanís condition (thoughts and prayers), but bottom line is the soul was sucked out of that place well before the fourth quarter.
yardstickIf Bo were alive Iím guessing many of the Michigan faithful would expect him to be toting his famous yardstick, circling the coaching staff talking teamwork and about preeminent men having enthusiasms…enthusiasms.
Boís not here and the Clans are reforming in the foothills at Fraserís.
Fans are filed up outside Ann Arbor Torch and Pitchfork and preparing to march on Schembechler Hall.  They want names.

The Mood.  Losing at home like that was a gut punch, and you are red-faced, Brosef:
moodTWIMFbH featured the first game after the Stock Market Crash of 1929 (a 14-12 win over Harvard in Ann Arbor).  Remind you of anything?  Look out below:
chart History Notes.  Beyond Hokeís home winning streak getting squashed, a couple notables from #1000SSS:

* With the loss, Michigan fell to 4-4-1 in the all-time series against Nebraska.
* The announced attendance was 112, 204, marking the 250th straight game of at least 100,000 people at Michigan Stadium.
* Gallon also moved to 10th on Michigan’s career receptions list (139) and to eighth on U-M’s career receiving yards list (2,278).

When Drew Dileo dropped a fourth-down pass on Michigan’s last-gasp drive, it felt depressingly fittingóof course the sure-handed receiver would let one slip through his grasp at precisely the wrong time, because that’s just how this season has gone.

As boos rained down multiple times yesterday afternoon in Michigan Stadium, it dawned on me that about 10,000 Michigan-Ohio State tickets were just sold to Buckeye fans on Stubhub. It’s going to be 2009 all over again.

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