The Dodge City Law Gunpowder Girls are hoping to recruit 12 dancers to the explosive troupe at tryouts on Saturday, Nov. 23 at 9 a.m. in the United Wireless Arena.

The Dodge City Law Gunpowder Girls will redefine what it means when old west cowboys say "dance" at the indoor football team's debut in March.
But first, they'll need to round up the posse.
The team is hoping to recruit 12 dancers to the explosive troupe at tryouts on Saturday, Nov. 23 at 9 a.m. in the United Wireless Arena. Hopefuls will learn and perform dance sequences as a team and show the judges what else they've got with a freestyle routine. The cost of entry is $25 in advance, or $30 at the door.
Dance team director Lesa Dencklau said she is looking for performers who are "excited about entertaining and able to pick up choreography quickly.
"We're looking for the passion" and "that ambassador aspect," she said.
More than cheerleaders, the dancers will be the face of the team, performing at promotional events and with sponsors. In that role, and they round up crowd enthusiasm into the "ninth man on the field," they should know something about the game as well, Dencklau said. "For my teams, I take pride in them as being the total package."
Team hopefuls should have some experience in dance or cheerleading, Dencklau said, and be poised, confident and fit, as the two-piece western themed costumes are "meant to show off physical fitness."
Follow-up interviews will happen on Sunday.
The team will practice twice a week and perform at the team's seven home games, dancing in an opening number, at half-time and in the stands throughout the game. During the season Dencklau aims to create music and light "spectaculars, our own little version of a Superbowl half-time."
"I think people will be excited to see something that's never been seen before," she said. Season ticket holders shouldn't expect to see the same dances repeated every game.
Along with the regular dance team, Dencklau wants to bring in troupes from the community for special shows. "I'm all about collaboration and outreach," she said.
Before the Law, Dencklau earned a degree in musical theater from Drake University. She's coached a community college cheer team and worked on show choirs and other theatrical performances.
The Law will be Dencklau's second inaugural-season indoor football team after working for the Cedar Hills Titans in Iowa. The football team and the dancers in the first season will get an opportunity to be a part of team history, and to build its first traditions, she said.
"It's awesome to be able to create history," Dencklau said.