Hodgeman County blasts through the Hoxie Indians with an easy win, earning a spot in the state championship.

After an even first half and a dominating second the sixth-in-the-state Hodgeman County Longhorns came within seven points of "mercy ruling" the Hoxie Indians on their way to the state championship.

The Longhorns and Indians kept pace through the first half, gaining consistent ground yardage punctuated with big plays until Hodgeman County stopped Hoxie on downs late in the second quarter.

The Longhorns scored 8 on their first possession followed by 6 from Hoxie on a 10 yard rush by running back Connor Katt #2 the team couldn't convert for extra points.

The Longhorns fired back with a 51-yard touchdown drive ending with a 41 yard rush by quarterback Alex Kreger #2 without extra points.

The Hoxie drive culminating in touchdown by running back Josh Heim #6 tied the game at 14, the last time the Indians would threaten Hodgeman County for the game. Another Hodgeman 6-pointer by Kreger set the stage for Hoxie being stopped on downs late in the second half.

With short time remaining, a breakout, 50-yard rush by running back Kolt Washburn #8 put two scores between the teams, ending the half 28-14.

The Indians never recovered their momentum, squandering their first possession in the second half with a 15-yard delay of game penalty they couldn't convert to positive yardage. In a brief defensive highlight of the game for Hoxie, they returned the favor to the Longhorns, stopping them with no first downs.

Before Hodgeman County ran away with the game, Hoxie's Katt scored on a 58-yard rush, putting the team within 8-points of the Longhorns.

Points by Hodgeman County's Washburn with the conversion put the Longhorns up 16. A Hoxie fumble recovered by safety Kreger was held for no points, but Hoxie again was stopped on downs in the 20-yard drive that followed.

A 59-yard drive ending with a touchdown by Washburn put Hodgeman out of range. A Hoxie drive hampered by penalties, and a fumble recovered by linebacker Robbie Carter #15 were matched with touchdowns by running back Landon Henning #3 and Kreger.

A late Hoxie touchdown put points on the board but couldn't change the previous 47 minutes of game time.

The undefeated Longhorns will play the undefeated Osborne Bulldogs for the 8-man division 1 title in Newton on Saturday, Nov. 23 at 11 a.m.