The coldest temperatures so far this winter, frozen pipes and a propane burner contributed to a home fire at 701 Collar Ave. Thursday afternoon.

The resident attempted to unfreeze the pipe with the gas burner, but set a fire under the trailer home after 4 p.m. The fire then spread across the bottom of the home, firefighters said.

The resident attempted to extinguish the fire with water from a neighbor's home but could not control the spread.

These kinds of fires are common as the temperature plunges and above-ground pipes below a trailer home are exposed to the cold, Captain Mark Elder said.

"Make sure your siding is up to prevent your pipes from freezing," he said, pointing to the frozen cascade below the kitchen water pipe. Without proper insulation, the pipes will freeze and burst.

Additionally, the resident had a propane heater inside. "That's a no-no," Elder said, due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

No one was injured in the fire, and it did not seem to penetrate into the interior. "It looks worse than it is," a firefighter said.

Two fire trucks and an ambulance responded to the scene.

The cold weather will likely continue through the weekend, the National Weather Service reports, with daily highs below 20 degrees until Tuesday.

The wind chill on Friday could be as low as -11 degrees, and Saturday's could be as low as -17 degrees. There is a chance for continue snow throughout the weekend.

The weather service has issued a "significant" warning of excessive cold for Friday and Saturday and an "elevated" warning through Tuesday. There is also a "limited" risk of snow and sleet on Saturday and Sunday.