Dodge Citians photo printed in 2014 calendar

Dodge City Daily Globe Dodge Citian Chris O'Neal caught the photography bug early in his high school career. Now, years later, he has compiled a photography portfolio that includes landscapes, storms, astronomy and sports. A lot of O'Neal's photos also feature the southwest charm Dodge City has to offer, a charm that included in its 2014 calendar. Unaware that was holding a photography-calendar contest, O'Neal submitted photos last year to the state's photo-sharing Flickr account. "One day, back in September, I got an email from them telling me my photo was selected to represent February in their calendar," O'Neal said. The photo that was taken in December of last year was not by accident. According to O'Neal, he was intrigued by a scene he knew his lens could bring to life. "I saw that truck sitting on the field on my way to work one day," he said. "On a day when I got a good feeling of the clouds, I went over to where I had seen the truck, right before the sun set and it all worked out." While O'Neal conserves original elements in his photos, he says he does edit them slightly. O'Neal said his winning photo was a high-dynamic range photo, which allows for a larger difference between light and shadows than can normally be captured on camera, and he sharpened it to capture details in the darker and deeper shadows. More photos by Chris O'Neal can be viewed and purchased at his website: