Glenda Kraft said if Sheba, her blue heeler cross dog survived out of a Walmart sack nine years ago, then she could survive this--and find her way home.

Glenda Kraft said if Sheba, her blue heeler cross dog survived out of a Walmart sack nine years ago, then she could survive this--and find her way home. Glenda has been in search for her four-legged family member since early November. She and her family are not giving up until they get an answer that can give them closure, she says. Sheba first came into their life when Glenda's grandson found a newborn Sheba inside a Walmart sack , she was one of three puppies that had been abandoned and Sheba was determined to survive. She did just that when she came into the arms of Glenda's grandson and has been a part of Glenda's family ever since. Sheba has not been home in two months. Nine-year-old Sheba escaped Monday, Nov. 18 from a veterinary clinic where she was left to stay overnight before a surgery the next day. "That Tuesday I got a phone call from the clinic asking if I had picked up Sheba," Glenda said. "I said no, and then I was asked if someone else might have picked her up, and I said, no." That is when Glenda knew her beloved dog had escaped and immediately she made her way to the veterinary clinic. "Dr. Huck took me on a tour pointing out every possible way she could have escaped," Glenda said. "We also walked a large area south of the clinic, as well as another area north of Trail Street." To no avail, Glenda followed up her search by placing lost and found ads and flyers in different businesses, including handing out fliers from door to door. On one of those door-to-door visits, a home resident informed Glenda that Sheba had in fact been in his backyard on Wednesday but assumed she was a stray from somewhere down the street and let her go. That was the beginning of an abundance of leads, Glenda soon received enough of them to compile a trail. She started marking the places where Sheba was spotted and she realized they were all leading up to one destination--Glenda's home. "She was just 10 blocks from home," Glenda said. "At that point, someone or something got in her way because this is the last proven sighting." Glenda refers to where Sheba was last seen, near Morgan Boulevard. Glenda has since gone through a restless search, including walking in the snow from door-to-door, driving down almost every alley, covering a large portion of northwest Dodge, and spreading the word everyday, all in the hopes that Sheba will one day make it home. And Glenda has not been alone in her search. She said the outpouring of help she's received has been overwhelming. "Dodge City is full of wonderful people." A co-workder of Glenda's volunteered to translate her fliers in spanish, the veterinary clinic that Sheba escaped from has been very involved in the process, including covering the cost for lost and found ads and offering a $400 reward. Glenda has also received calls from people offering her puppies but Glenda said although appreciated, Glenda and her family are not in the state of mind to take in new puppies and besides she's "expecting Sheba to come home." While Glenda may not receive the news she might want, she said she is just looking for any type of news- she and her family need closure. "Sheba was and is a part of our family," She said. "At what point do you say it's time to give up? I don't think anyone would give up if this was their grandchild or their relative, Sheba may not be a person and may not be blood but she was our family-and we wont give up." "I honestly don't know what more we could do- I do know that we desperately need our dog to be returned. At the very best, we need to know what has happened." Glenda has asked that any information in regards to Sheba please be called in, she insists no questions would be asked and an individual can even send in an anonymous letter. To provide information on Sheba call Glenda at (620) 225-5642, or Ripple Liebl Clinic at (620) 227-2751 or Animal Control at (620) 225-8180. To send an anonymous letter, note to Sheba, c/o Dodge City Daily Globe, P.O. Box 820. Sheba is a female, she has a floppy ear and bobbed tail. She has brown legs with black, white and tan body. Still needs surgery.