Dodge City resident, Dr. Ketner who is being charged with eight counts, including attempted rape, attended his preliminary hearing Thursday where his bond was modified after his doctor recommended he "get out and about."

 A local pastor will be able to walk around the pond in front of his home after a judge modified the terms of his bond Thursday. The attorney for Dr. Jerrold W. Ketner, who is charged with the rape of an employee, asked for the modification at a hearing because Ketner's doctor recommended he "get out and walk around." Ketner had previously been confined to his house.  Ketner was placed under house arrest after posting a $10,000 bond earlier this month. The bond stipulated the defendant not leave his home except for a medical reason or to appear before the court.  Under the modification bond, Ketner is allowed out of his home only to circle the pond that is located in front of his residence. The defendant is also allowed to travel outside of Ford County to meet with his Wichita-based attorney. 

Dr. Ketner is being charged with eight counts including, rape, attempted aggravated criminal sodomy, aggravated sexual battery and blackmail after a Dodge City woman came forward alleging the local pastor sexually assaulted her during the time that she was employed by him.

 Ketner's attorney requested the case be set for a contested preliminary hearing. The hearing is set to be scheduled for a future date.