With the certified results yet to be seen, the top two winners of the Dodge City election are looking toward their next four years in office.

With the certified results yet to be seen, the top two winners of the Dodge City election are looking toward their next four years in office.

Commissioner Rick Sowers and Jan Scoggins came within four votes at the top of the election and will serve four-year terms. The third place winner, either Commissioner Kent Smoll or Joe Peters, will serve a two-year term. With Smoll leading Peters by nine votes, the election could be decided by the 24 provisional ballots cast Tuesday.

About 9.25 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot.

"I want to thank all the candidates, first, for putting their names in the hat, and thank everyone who participated by voting. "I'm honored and humbled to be chosen to serve another four years," Sowers said.

There are a lot of challenges ahead, Sowers said, including the design and construction of a water park, and the city's work with developers to bring more retail outlets to Dodge.

"I thank everyone who took the time to vote. That's the only way you can get stuff done, voice your opinion and be heard," Scoggins said. "I am truly honored and humbled with this vote of confidence."

"This (election) has been a terrifically fun thing," Scoggins, a former state representative and current state nursing homes ombudsman.

Scoggins was appointed to the Airport Advisory Board soon before the election. As a commissioner, she cannot serve on that board, but said there are major issues and concerns that need to be watched closely.

"I am very concerned with our situation at the airport and our air service. That's a really major concern for me. I intend to show up at those meetings, not as a commissioner, but as an interested person. ... I'll want to keep a pulse on that, it's integral to the progress of our community," Scoggins said.

The federally-subsidized Essential Air Service has been a consistent target for fiscal conservatives in Washington. The local provider of that service, Great Lakes Airlines, has also had operational issues following stricter FAA regulations on co-pilot certification.

The County Commission acting as the Board of Canvassers will certify the election and the legitimate provisional ballots on Monday, and the winner for the third seat on the Commission will be confirmed.

The county commissioners will be informed of the reason a provisional ballot was cast, usually because the voter moved to a new home without updating voting information, but not see how the voter chose.

The race was notably close, with four candidates receiving between 436 and 408 votes.

It's rare, but "not unheard of" that provisional ballots will decide an election, Ford County election official Debbie Cox said. "It's just frustrating more people didn't vote."