The board that will have a front row seat on the development of a water park seeks two new members.

The advisory board that vets projects and payments from the "Why Not Dodge?" special sales tax fund is seeking two new members in light of expected changes to the Dodge City and Ford County joint operation agreement.

The new members of the Community Facilities Advisory Board will have front row seats and a voice in the development of a water park, a proposed $10 million project that received its first approval on March 31. It also advises the joint commission on which community organizations to award grants through the special sales tax fund.

While the board has no final voting power, its recommendations have been taken seriously by the joint commissions in the past.

Interested individuals can fill out an application on the city's website or contact Public Information Officer Jane Longmeyer at 225-8100 or through email at

Currently, Dodge City Commissioner Rick Sowers and Ford County Chairman Chris Boys are voting members of the advisory board, a situation that creates "awkwardness," Sowers said.

There was also concern expressed by the joint commissions that the presence of members with final voting authority impeded the board's discussions.

Under expected changes to the Interlocal Agreement, the two elected officials will hand over their seats to members of the public appointed by the joint commissions. The commissioners will either be removed from the board entirely or be placed, as the city manager and county administrator are, in advisory roles.

There has also been a push recently to more fully involve the advisory board in annual and long-term decisions involving the fund, including independent exploration of options pertaining to the tourism-centric projects. The first part of that decision put the seven-member board on a regular meeting schedule.

Once the positions are filled, the board will comprise six at-large members and a representative from the Ford County and Dodge City Development Corporation.