Dodge City High School athletic director Jay Gifford said the school system needs to buy a new videotron on the scoreboard at Memorial Stadium.
The athletic department is already looking for funds to build a new pressbox and now is taking bids for the new videotron and will use sponsor revenue to pay for it.
Gifford said at Monday's school board meeting that the reason of getting a new videotron is because the warranty on the current screen ended two years ago and it's almost impossible to find replacement parts.
"Fixing the board is getting trickier," Gifford said. "We've lost some of the detail and crispness on the current board. There are some boards on the board that aren't working like they should and, in some cases, we were able to find spare parts from other places."
The new videoboard is three times the size of the current one: 25 feet by 15 feet (375 square feet). The current one is 15 feet by seven feet.
There could be a static bulletin board on the other side of the scoreboard with the sponsors surrounding it.
"Current sponsorship allows us to use those funds to pay for this, and all of them say they are on board to the idea," Gifford said. "They seem to be happy with the 365 days of advertising on the back of the board looking out into the community instead of only the 10 to 15 events from the football, soccer and track events."
The board voted unanimously to allow Gifford to take bids.
OTHER: The school board also approved the request by Dodge City Community College to play their basketball games at the Civic Center and to have stands at the school's practice facility as part of the consent agenda.