By John Curtis

Dodge City Daily Globe


County commissioner chairman Chris Boys and his wife, Dalila, have had a good relationship with the Dodge City Law since the organization announced it was bringing indoor football to southwest Kansas.

The Boys' relationship became more official as they were named co-owners of the Law in a press announcement Wednesday morning.

"They wanted us to come aboard and be a liaison to the community," Chris Boys said. "We had the conversation about the team when they first came in and then the conversation just flourished."

Chris Boys, who owns an American Family Insurance agency, said the attitude of the players, coaches and administration was another factor in coming on board with the squad.

"They take things very seriously," he said. "There's a quality that comes with those guys. They try to do things the right way.

"The biggest thing we want to do is stabilize the first year. This allows them to work on the game day and day-to-day operations, while we will go out into the community to promote the team."

Among the ideas Boys has when it comes to community include having camps for children throughout the area.

Delila Boys also sees an opportunity for the Law to be heavily involved with the Hispanic community.

"I think this organization and the players will be a way to be role models for all children," she said.

 "The Hispanic heritage puts so much emphasis on family and I think they will be able to enjoy the football experience as a family," Chris Boys added.

Law co-owner/general manager Ricky Bertz said the organization is pleased to have the Boys as partners for the team.

"When Sean, Joi and I first met with Chris after we announced the team, we were excited with his enthusiasm wit the team," Bertz said. "He and Delila have helped us in understanding how we can be part of the community... We are glad to have them join us."

Law head coach Sean Ponder said he also sees the Boys as a good fit for the organization.

"It's a great opportunity to have someone local involved in the team this way," he said. "It seemed like a perfect fit for the organization."