Two Oklahoma passengers dead after being struck by a semi

Dodge City Daily Globe 


Two passengers traveling in a 2006 Chrysler are dead after being struck by a semi truck in Greensburg, Wednesday morning. 

The Chrysler was heading North bound on U.S. 183 when it failed to yield right away, causing the semi truck that was traveling West bound on U.S. 54 to crash into the vehicle on the passenger side. 

According to a report by the Kansas Highway Patrol, both vehicles came to rest in a ditch North of U.S. 54. 

The driver of the vehicle was Aurora Diane Balch, 35, traveling with passenger Donald Anthony Barrs, 27, both residents of Weatherford, Okla. 

The driver of the semi truck was Anibal Ruiz-Figueroa, 58, of Stratford, Texas. He was reported to have possible injuries but refused to be transported to the hospital.