Storms could continue through the week, with possibilities of severe storms peaking Wednesday and Friday night.

The severe thunderstorms Sunday knocked out power for 6,000 customers, the company said on its Facebook page. The majority of those customers had service restored within hours, and all by Monday afternoon, Victory spokesperson Jerry Imgarten reported.

The major breakage occurred along 108 Road near Marshall Road where a row of 115 kilovolt transmission lines that served substations in Cimarron, Ensign, south Dodge City and other areas were toppled. Crews from Sunflower Electric, the generation company that jointly operates the lines, were clearing the wreckage by Monday morning.

In total, 45 power poles and 15 cross arms were damaged, Imgarten said. The company said it has not produced official estimated costs to repair the infrastructure. City and county officials were told damages could exceed more than $150,000 to Victory equipment and $250,000 to Sunflower equipment.

The final cost of the storm will depend on securing labor, equipment and materials to make permanent repairs, Imgarten said.

Service was restored through temporary fixes and by re-routing power, Imgarten said. While poles fell around Victory's service area, the majority of it was in its eastern coverage area.

The cause of the damage was a so-called wet macroburst, a large version of a precipitous microburst, a sudden, powerful and short lived downdraft. Spotters reported wind speeds exceeding 70 miles per hour though it is likely the areas directly affected experienced much higher wind speeds.

Victory reported on its Facebook page that its phone lines were full with reports of power outages, and alerted its customers that power outages can be reported on the company's website.

The weather service forecasts small chances of thunderstorms this evening and higher chances of storms. From Wednesday night through Monday, the weather service warns there are varying chances of more thunderstorms. Tonight could bring severe storms "with large hail, damaging winds, as well as localized flooding."

Friday night could also bring a higher chance for storms, but it is too early to determine how severe.

The rain, however, has not dented the ongoing drought conditions and the area with its high winds is under the highest level of warning for fires.