The Salvation Army's food pantry is like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard.

It's almost bare. 

The organization's pantry is low on many of the non-perishable foods they have given to more than 150 families since April — many shelves have hardly any cans or boxes on them — and is asking the public for donations.

"Summer always tends to be low," said Lt. Chrissie Coreano with the Salvation Army. "I don't think it's necessarily a lack of donations, but because of how many people we are serving. We're up serving 50 more families this summer and it has just cleaned it out. What we have in the pantry now will be gone by next week."

Coreano said the organization also will take donations of fresh produce and meat as well as financial support.

"All organization goes through peaks and valleys and, right now, is a valley time," Coreano said. "We also help with electricity or medical assistance, but that takes money away from the food we buy."

Donations may be dropped off at the organization's offices or thrift store at 1100 Ave. E between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The organization also buys food from the Food Bank in Wichita.

All financial and food donations are welcome, but the organization is asking especially for canned meat, macaroni and cheese, hamburger helper mix, toilet paper, shampoo, deodorant, breakfast items, peanut butter and jelly, boxed potatoes or pasta, side pastas, spaghetti sauce, juice, canned fruits and vegetables and Chef Boyardee.

"They last, they're easy and have good shelf life, and they're staples that families will use," said Coreano. "We try to give families things they actually will use and they are things that go out the door fastest."

For more information, contact Coreano at 620-225-4871 or visit the web site at