A bumper crop was featured in the front page of the nation's largest newspapers first report, 125 years ago.

An unusually strong Kansas wheat report made the front page of the first edition of the Wall Street Journal published 125 years ago, Tuesday.

"The wheat crop will be twice that of last year and the oat crop three times as great," the Journal reported midway down its front page. "There is little question but that Kansas will have a tremendous business this year and the future of Atchison depends on the rates it gets for carrying. The winter wheat crop has already commended to move in some sections and will be moving freely by August," the brief report concluded, referring to the AT&SF railroad.

The nation's largest newspaper by circulation celebrated its anniversary with an online feature showing the first edition of what has become the nation's largest newspaper by weekday circulation. The Journal, published by News Corp, circulates nearly 2.4 million editions a day. In second is the general interest New York Times with a weekday circulation of 1.9 million.

The 1889 wheat crop was roughly 30 million bushels, at the time the third largest on record, the Journal reported as part of its 125th anniversary online feature. The record yield of 19.2 bushels per acre planted wasn't beat until 1914 at 20 bushels per acre.

This year, the USDA projected a statewide yield of 23 bushels per acre for a total harvest of 247 million bushels in its June 11 report, a significant decrease from 2013 when the state took in 319 million bushels of hard red winter wheat at an average yield of 38 bushels per acre planted.

The Journal also reported on the Charles Dow's column of "Average Movement of Prices," a 12-stock precursor to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Of the companies first listed on the average, only General Electric remains on the list.

To see the annotated first edition of the Wall Street Journal, visit it online at www.wsj.com/125/wsj-first-edition/.

The Dodge City Daily Globe, founded 11 years before the Journal, congratulates our young colleague on this momentous anniversary.