The City Commission approved a replacement for the YMCA-managed facility.

The YMCA Sheridan Activity Center will get a new roof at a cost of about $226,000 after years of attempting to patch sun-deterioration and battling leaking skylights.

"It has seen its day," Park Director Paul Lewis said. "It's been coated and recoated a couple of times already."

"It's something we've been fighting over the years and it's gotten to the point it's beyond tolerance," Lewis added.

The City Commission approved the new roof which will be built by Building Solutions in Dodge City. Building Solutions' bid was nearly $100,000 cheaper than the next lowest bidder.

Brian Marshall of Building Solutions told the city the bid was knowingly aggressive and sought to capitalize on surplus labor, Lewis told the Commission.

The new roof will be placed over the existing roof and will fix a major problem with roof leaks around the skylights, with each rain threatening the facility's $150,000 wooden floor.

Under the city's contract with YMCA, the city is responsible for capital improvements on the structures managed by the non-profit.