Former Manhattan mayor and councilman Jim Sherow easily earned the Democratic nomination for the First District seat and will continue to campaign against incumbent Tim Huelskamp to represent the area in Washington.

Sherow earned 70 percent of the vote after 354 of 1,338 precincts reporting to win by a landslide over Bryan Whitney of Wichita.

Sherow's eyes can now be set solely at Huelskamp, who beat Alan LaPolice, who lost to the Fowler native in the Republican primary. Sherow feels Huelskamp has not worked well in Washington and the district has suffered in many ways, primarily in agriculture which is a primary source of revenue in the state.

"First of all, simply being reasonable and being able to work with other people, regardless of whatever party, to get the job done," Sherow said about other aspects to be brought up between now and the election in November. "That's my track record as a city commissioner and mayor in Manhattan. The proof is in the pudding in what has happened in Manhattan the last 10 years.

"I continue to hear all across the district that people want better working relationship in Congress to address problems."

Sherow feels Huelskamp's lack of endorsements from the agricultural community due to some of his votes in Congress is an opportunity for him to go in and work to get improvements he says farmers have lost since the incumbent has been in office.

"I don't think they're going to come outright and support me, but we're going to seek their support," Sherow said. "They're going to find me as someone reasonable to work with and who will support their interests."

The Democratic nominee may have help from someone not happy with Huelskamp as LaPolice said at the 3iShow that he would support Sherow if he wasn't successful in earning the Republican nod for the seat.

"He has said that before," Sherow said. "We'll see and if that's the case, I will certainly welcome his support.

"In general, I find that LaPolice is easier to talk to. You can have civil discourse but still talk to him than you can Rep. Huelskamp. But on the other hand, his stance on the issues — and he has said that publicly — are the same as Rep. Huelskamp.