Dodge City cropduster lands hard, walks away from crash.

Jon Erhart, according to several people, made a good landing on Wednesday at Dodge City Airport.

He walked away from it.

Erhart, the owner and operator of Erhart Aerial Spraying, reported that he needed to make an emergency landing after clipping his airplane's wing.

An official report from the Kansas Highway Patrol was unavailable at press time, but two different reports say he sheared 3 feet off a wing by hitting either a pole or a guide wire.

Erhart was able to get the plane back to Dodge City Airport where he landed hard. Reports say the airplane bounced once then cart-wheeled and flipped, landing with its tires facing west.

The engine and propeller were ripped from the aircraft and rested about 10 feet in front of the plane.

Erhart reportedly suffered minor injuries, including possibly a broken arm. Attempts to reach Erhart were unsuccessful. He was transported to Western Plains Medical Complex.