Fort Hays State University president blames newspaper

On July 9, Grant Rahjes of the Tiger Media Network posted a story on the Fort Hays State University website on the proposed merger between FHSU and Dodge City Community College.

It wasn't the story by Rahjes that fired some area residents up, it was the image that ran with the story. That image, shown with this story, is a of a tiger consuming a conquistador, or, more accurately, a FHSU mascot eating a DCCC mascot.

The image made the rounds to several people opposing the merger of the two schools and remains a hot topic.

On Tuesday, FHSU president Mirta Martin placed the blame of the image directly upon the Dodge City Daily Globe.

"There's a question as to where that image came from," Martin said when asked about the picture on the website. TMN is a student-run website and news organization at Fort Hays State University that is editorially independent. "We believe that image came from the Globe."

Martin repeated this accusation three times in Tuesday's open question-and-answer session concerning the merger.

The Globe didn't create the image and hadn't run the image in the newspaper until today.

Earlier in the day, in an interview with the Dodge City Globe, Martin and former FHSU president Edward Hammond both indicated there was an investigation ongoing to determine who created the image and why it ended up on the university's website.

Just two hours later, Martin declared the image belonged to the Globe.

"That's an image from the Globe," Martin said with conviction. "We didn't do that, the Globe did."

No, we didn't.

Attempts to reach the author of the article, Rahjes, were unsuccessful. Martin could not be reached for comment after the meeting.

A spokesperson for TMN informed the Globe the image was created by Tiger Media Network.

"One of our story builders created the image to go with the story," said Todd Elsen, executive producer for TMN. Prior to Tuesday, Elsen said he had not heard from anyone from the administration. He said he didn't know the image had created any tension. "We'll use it as a teaching moment in the future.

"You want to report the news, not become it."