Just after midnight early Monday morning the Amtrak Southwest Chief train derailed roughly 3 miles outside Cimarron as it was heading east towards its normal stop in Dodge City.

According to a release from Amtrak, the train, traveling along Burlington Northern Sante Fe tracks, was going from Los Angeles to Chicago with 128 passengers and 14 employees on board. Amtrak said in the release there are no life-threatening injuries, but that wasn't confirmed by local authorities.

Emergency officials and Red Cross aide workers were on scene as of 1 a.m., with a triage set up at the Cimarron 4-H building.

Reports from a Daily Globe reporter on the scene confirm there are injuries, but no fatalities have been reported as of 2:30 a.m.

There are five derailed cars. US Highway 50 is closed between Cimarron and Garden City, with no timetable for it to reopen to traffic.

The Daily Globe will update this story as it develops.