There are travel plans and household commitments on tap for Dodge City Public Library executive director Cathy Reeves.

Reeves has announced her retirement and a search committee has begun looking for her replacement.

"I’ll be done around the end of the year or early January," Reeves said on Monday. "I’ve been doing this for a long time and it’s time to step away."

Reeves has spent 35 years in Dodge City running libraries — 25 at Dodge City Community College and 10 at the public library. In all she has 47 years of work experience.

"My first 2 years working I was a second grade teacher," she said. "I’ve worked in libraries since."

Reeves has been around long enough to see the many changes technology has brought.

"There’s no more cataloging," she laughed. "I had a strict cataloging teacher who made sure we put periods exactly where they were needed.

"I don’t miss cataloging at all."

While libraries still offer books, there are a host of new mediums also available at the library.

"We have books on CD, DVDs, ebooks and books on mp3 player," Reeves said. "We rent video games now.

"People still come to the library for research, but now they use the internet."

With retirement plans in stone, a search has started for a replacement.

"I think they kept wishing I’d change my mind," Reeves laughed. "It’s not happening. I have too many plans.

"My husband and I want to visit areas of the country where our families came from — Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Nothing is stopping my genealogy trip.

"Also, family has moved out to Phoenix, so I’m sure we’ll travel out there. Plus, we have some things around the house we need to get done."

Before retirement comes the Wine and Cheese fundraiser, one of the biggest fundraising events for the library each year.

"The family who moved to Phoenix will be here for that one," Reeves said. "After all, it’s my last one as director."

The first step for Reeves in her retirement plan is a simple one.

"I’m turning the alarm clock off," she said. "Not having to get up at 6 a.m. sounds wonderful.

"I still might wake up at that time, but I don’t have to get up. It’s my choice."