The Family Birth Center at Western Plains Medical Complex opened on Sept. 14. A day later, the first delivery in the new facility arrived.

Eliseo Juarez, the son of Nicolas Juarez and Tomasa Alonzo, was born on Sept. 15. On Monday, WPMC officials celebrated the birth by giving gifts to the family.

"I am very proud," Juarez said while looking at his son. "I am very excited, just a proud dad.

"The care from the people was very good."

"Everything was better than I thought it would be," Alonzo said. "I was in labor for about 12 hours, but 4 to 5 tough hours."

The Family Birth Center took over for the Women’s Center and promised spacious birthing suites big enough to handle lots of visiting families.

"It was cool," Juarez said when asked about the suite. "It was comfortable while I was just waiting for the birth."

For being the first delivery the Dodge City family received diapers, wipes, clothing, blankets, baby booties and  a carry-all basket.

"I am very proud of being a dad and I want to thank everyone who helped," Juarez said. "We’re grateful for everything and we’re happy with all that was done for us."

According to officials, since the first birth The Family Birth Center has been very busy. Sandra Macias, a nurse in the facility, described coming to work one day and having three deliveries within the first 3 hours she worked that night.