A sharp-eyed deputy led to a pursuit and arrest of two suspects on Wednesday afternoon.

According to information from the Ford County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy on patrol in southeast Dodge City observed a driver of a vehicle who had a Kansas Department of Corrections warrant.

The deputy activated emergency equipment to enact a traffic stop, but the driver fled.

The chase, which officials said lasted about 20 minutes, traveled around the southeast and east of Dodge City, ending on Highway 50 near Dodge City Airport.

"Airport property was damaged as a result of the pursuit," Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr said. "I have no idea of the damage, we’re still checking."

According to Corey Keller, the suspect vehicle broke through a barbed-wire fence before crossing an open runway on the northern end of the airport.

"They missed all the lights and all the equipment," Keller said. "All they damaged was a fence, but we can fix that.

"There were no flights arriving or at the airport, so everything was good."

The two suspects fled their vehicle near the airport and, according to some reports, attempted to cross Highway 50 using a culvert which runs under the highway.

Kansas Department of Corrections arrest warrants are issued for parole violations. According to the Ford County Sheriff’s Office jail log, only two people were arrested on Wednesday with parole violations.

Andres Leonel Escarcega, 20, was booked into Ford County Jail with a parole violation and with a charge of criminal possession of weapon by a felon; weapon used in crime. The charges suggest Escarcega was the passenger in the suspect vehicle.

Rafael Antonio Araujo, 25, was booked into Ford County Jail for parole violation and charges of aggravated assault of LEO, fleeing or attempting to elude a LEO (unknown severity) and criminal possession of weapon by felon, weapon used in crime.

The sheriff’s office reported the case is still under investigation. Escarcega and Araujo will have their first appearance at Ford County Courthouse on Friday.