Students met in Jackson Hall at Dodge City Community College on Thursday to assemble care packages for soldiers based outside of the country.

Many students met in Jackson Hall at Dodge City Community College on Thursday to participate in a care package drive for soldiers currently based outside the country. 

“Basically, it was a drive for a platoon in the military with around 23-30 guys,” said Whitney Miller, resident assistant at the college. “We basically brought up the idea and wanted to do something, so me and my boss, Margarita, helped out tremendously.”

The care packages consisted of thank you notes and donated items from students and staff at the college. 

“We got a bunch of care package stuff,” said Miller. “Then my residents at the community college, we put three thank you notes in the package, because that’s about how many was in the platoon.”

Numerous students participated in the drive, most of them from resident life. 

“The girls in our dorm, level 2, they all helped with the packages,” said Miller. “It was a mixture of sports, it’s kind of hard to pinpoint, but everyone in the dorms helped out.”

The idea behind this drive was to show appreciation for U.S. soldiers and spread awareness of the efforts they put towards protecting our country.

“My dad was in the military, so American soldiers have always been dear to my heart,” said Miller. “I think it’s so important, and I think a lot of people forget how much they do and the sacrifices they make. We’re just so naive to what they go through, and I just really wanted to focus on that.”

Miller believes that soldiers should receive more recognition.

“I firmly believe that people should (put) their focus more on our military and our soldiers,” said Miller. “We need to show that we appreciate them and try to get to understand and acknowledge them more than we do.”

Miller stated that she is currently in the process of sending the packages out.