With the recent ice storm a few weeks behind us and warmer weather on our horizon (we will just ignore the fact that pesky Phil saw his shadow yesterday!) It is time to think about spring!

One question that I am asked frequently is what are your planting recommendations for this area? This is a very loaded question depends on several factors, just as plant location, rainfall and temperature. The following websites are the ones I use to get the most current list of plants for the state of Kansas. Remember conditions may vary in southwest Kansas.

These sites have links to a wide variety of plants including annual flowers, perennial flowers (including breakouts for iris and day lilies), fruit, vegetables, turf grass, low-maintenance roses and tree recommendations that are broken out by areas of the state. These sites also list recommended low water use plants. You can find this page at http://hnr.k-state.edu/extension/info-center/recommened-plants/.

Here are some other sites you might also find helpful:

Varieties of iris, day lilies, roses and peonies found in the University Gardens Collection Gardens at http://www.k-state.edu/gardens/gardens/collections/.

Annual flowers recommended for Kansas at http://prairiestarflowers.com/Prairie Star nav.html.

Perennial flowers at http://prairiestarflowers.com/Prairie Bloom nav.html.


Andrea Renee Burns is the Ford County extension agent.