Don Webb has been a part of Dodge City Community College for more than 40 years.

Not any longer.

Webb recently submitted his resignation from the DCCC Board of Trustees on Friday, Jan. 27.

"It’s time to let someone younger take over," Webb said in an interview on Friday. "I’ve had some difficulties physically and mentally and it’s time."

Webb said he has family which support him and he’d like to spend time with them.

"They look after me and they’ve been worried about me," Webb said of his children. "It’s time to let go and relax."

Webb believes the college is in good shape and believes in the person leading the way.

"The college is in good hands with our current president," Webb said of Dr. Harold Nolte, DCCC president. "He’s the best president we’ve had in a long time."

According to Morris Reeves, DCCC board chairman, there is a process to filling an open spot on the board.

"The Board of Trustees will follow Policy No. 203 which reads in part as ‘when a vacancy occurs, the Board shall publish a notice one time in a newspaper having general circulation in the college district stating that the vacancy has occurred and that it will be filled by appointment by the Board no later than 15 days after the publication," Reeves said in an email earlier in the week. At that time on Monday, no one had confirmed Webb’s retirement from the board.

The rumors you hear about Don Webb retiring from the board are rumors at this time," said Reeves on Monday. "The Trustees cannot take any action until Don officially resigns and he has not done so at this time."

Fellow trustee Terry Malone weighed in on Webb and the board opening.

"It was an honor to serve with Don Webb. He is one of the finest people in Ford County and I will miss him," Malone said. "I will not publicly be endorsing anyone (for the opening) until the board has completed the interview process of all applicants."

Reeves said Webb has been a pillar of the community for many years and would be missed on the board.

Florence Jean Hampton, another trustee, agreed with Reeves.

"It’s a loss for us on the board of trustees," she said. "He’s been a great friend and asset and we appreciate every thing he’s done for the college and Dodge City."

Nolte said Webb will be missed.

"He’s a good friend," the president said. "I don’t think that will change just because he left the board.

"He spent many years as a member of the faculty here and he’s been an asset to the college and to Dodge City. He will be missed."